Samsung Files ITC complaint for Import Ban against Apple iPad and other iDevices!

samsung vs apple ipadSamsung has filed a complaint in International Trade Commission (ITC) for import ban against the Apple iPad and other iDevices, according to FOSS complaint against apple ipad

Apple recently amended its complaint with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and countersued Samsung in South Korea (where Samsung had previously filed one of four complaints with which it responded to Apple’s original complaint). While Apple may soon seek a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy product range in federal court, Apple has not (yet) filed an ITC complaint against Samsung (though Apple routinely lodges and defends itself against ITC complaint, such as in its disputes with Nokia, Motorola, HTC and Eastman Kodak).

The conflict between both companies started when Apple first sued Samsung for copying iPad and iPhone. Moreover Apple’s A6 processor for next-gen iPhone will be manufactured by TSMC instead of Samsung and other components to be sourced from different suppliers.

Check out the whole ITC complaint at Scribd here.

Source: FOSS [via macstories]