The 5 Must-Have Apple Products This Christmas


Merry Christmas

With Christmas looming, it’s time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones.

To help you avoid the last-minute rush to find that all-important Christmas gift, we’ve compiled our top 5 must-have Apple products to buy this Christmas. Take a look and find the perfect present for the tech lover in your family. [Read More]

How to use Purify ad blocker on iOS 9

Purify Ad Blocker

One of the best new features in iOS 9 is ad blocking. This enables users to block ads on their iPhone, iPad and iPod to get a much smoother iOS safari experience. Purify was one of the first ones on the market and are doing an amazing job at what they do so we thought we would show just how to use all of the features.

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New iPhone 6. Does it Make Sense?

New iPhone 6s

It seems like just about every other week a new piece of technology is released, from just about all of the major cell phone companies. Apple is at the top of the list and there is no question that the majority of people that use Apple products will run out to the store, even waiting in line for lengthy periods of time, just to get their hands on the brand new iPhone 6 and it’s new features. [Read More]

The new iPad Mini 4 specs, price & new features

iPad Mini 4

The new iPad Mini 4 blows the last generation away in just about every way possible despite fierce competetion from many 7-inch Android tablets. There were so many apple fans out there last year that were very disappointed when they saw the iPad Mini 3 updated with only a new touch ID sensor. So needless to say it has been a long years wait for all of the goodness that they have packed here in the new iPad Mini.

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Enabling Ad/Content Blockers on iOS 9 – Everything you need to know

Content Blocker in Settings

In iOS 9 Apple has introduced content or ad blocking into the operating system. Now the app store will have applications that will let iPhone, iPod and iPad owners block ads, content and other stuff that can really slow down your browsing experience.

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The new iPhone 6S Features – Will you be upgrading?

iPhone 6S Features

There are many things that have been confirmed with the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus that will be announced next week on September 9th. Let’s go over some of the biggest and most important features and see if those will be enough to get you to upgrade.

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How to delete individual iMessages or Texts in iOS 8 and 9


One of the major changes in iMessage is the way that you delete individual text messages. In the past you would have to hit the edit button on the top right hand side. This would then allow you to select the messages you wanted to delete. That process has now changed so we thought we would create a tutorial on how to do it now with the new system.

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How to Use Dictation on Your iPad


Dictation on your iPad

Siri is absolutely amazing. However, there are many times when using Siri just doesn’t quite cut it. For those times there is an amazing feature called Dictation. In this post we are going to go thru some of the ways you can use Dictation to it’s fullest. So if you have been wondering just how to use Dictation then this will be the perfect article for you. I know that the more I use it, the more I fall in love with this amazing feature.

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6 iPad Apps Any Car Enthusiast Will Want To Get Their Hands On

ipad apps for carsAnyone who owns a car and an iPad will probably want to know about some of the great apps out there, so I’ve tried to show them a mixture of the best ones. [Read More]