Oops, I dropped my iPad

ipad droppedThere aren’t many complaints that come from the multifunctional and time saving touch screen device known as the iPad except for one thing screen. Unfortunately, the most common problem that iPad users have is that the delicate screens are easily broken. Whether you drop it one foot away from the ground or from a rooftop, the screen will most likely break. Here are options you have when you have your own oops moment.

Don’t touch it: Whatever you do, don’t pick at the broken screen because you could cause further damage. Majority of the time when an iPad is dropped the LED screen below the glass is not damaged. You know when the LED screen is damaged with the screen appears faded, black or with weird colored lines. It’s easier to fix just the broken glass and not the LED screen.

Take it in to Apple: Taking it into your local Apple store is probably the safest bet to take. Apple products do not cover screen damages for the most part. However, in some cases Apple will replace it, fix it or just sell you a new one. Try speaking to Apple for starters and make your decisions based on that.

Take it elsewhere: There are plenty of third party fixers for Apple products. These stores and people know how to fix your screen for fraction of the cost that it will cost you to get a new iPad. Depending on the store and the break you have, you can spend anywhere from $100 to $500 on repairs.

Don’t fix it yourself: Do not fix it yourself unless you are a professional or have done it in the past. There are many kits sold online for you to fix your own screen. It is suggested you avoid fixing it yourself. It may be cheaper but if you make a mistake a $100 mistake can quickly turn into an $800 mistake.

Breaking your screen is a huge possibility but not worth the stress and frustration. So when it happens, take it into your local Apple store and get an answer. Weight your options and decide what is best. Until then, get yourself a nice, durable cover and hold on tight.