iPad Or Chromebook – Which Is Right For You?


ipad vs chromebookThe mainstream market in this modern world is saturated with devices. This can make it somewhat confusing when you’re out looking for a new computer, or a tablet, since there are so many to pick from. It’s a glorious age of personal computers; devices we can carry in our pockets or our backpacks have exponentially more processing power than the first computers used to put a man in space.

So how do you find exactly what you need in such a booming market, the device that’s right for you? Well the first thing you need to do is consider what you need, and then after that, consider who the big names are.

iPad and Google

In terms of smaller computers and tablets, there are two huge names that are dominating the market at the moment, and they are likely your best bet in terms of finding the right device because their products are notorious for being versatile and easy to use.

These companies are Apple and Google, the two top proprietors of mobile operating systems on the market today and two of the biggest names in the technological industry. They each have their own unique product that is huge on the market and definitely something to consider: Apple have their infamous iPad while Google has released a new kind of personal computer called the Chromebook.

iPad or Chromebook?

But iPad or Chromebook—which is right for you? Well that comes down to what you need them for and their own individual use. Each device has its own pros and cons that you should consider before you buy either, as it can be a big investment. Not only do you need the devices but you need all of the support that goes with them, and should consider how accessible either are to your needs, including accessories and their own support teams.

Apple’s iPad certainly wins out when it comes to power. This thing is a little work horse and functions practically as a small computer. It’s a touch interface but you can get keyboard attachments to turn it into a netbook.

The largest benefit with taking the iPad is that you will have access to the world’s largest app market, and as the famous Apple slogan goes: ‘there’s an app for that’. It’s so large with a big of know-how you can program your iPad to do virtually anything you need it to. The only downfall is the steep price.

Don’t Count Chromebook Out

That is where the Chromebook shines. It’s a remarkably accessible little computer that’s only a fraction of the iPad’s cost. It’s powerful, and like anything Google makes should be considered reliable. The Chromebook is named after Google’s web browser, Chrome, which should help realize the specifications for it: the Chromebook is designed to work with the internet, and uses mostly web-based applications. It’s perfect if you have access to the internet at all times, but that’s not always the case. Without the internet the Chromebook loses a lot of its purpose.

So, iPad or Chromebook, which is right for you?