From Inspiration to Creation: Five Best iPad Applications For Artists


ipad apps for artistsIt’s important for artists to have the best tools, and with more artists turning to digital methods, creative iPad apps have become big business. There are apps for sketching, painting and digital editing, and that’s just the start. So which apps are worth the money for artists looking to create a portable, digital toolbox? From conception to creation, the following five apps have everything artists need to get inspired and create.

Moodboard Pro

moodboard ipadMoodboard Pro offers a digital way to keep inspirational images, colors and even text all in one place. This app is just like a real mood board, but with the perks of being digital: portability and endless possibilities. Moodboard Pro costs $9.99, and it also allows users to upload their boards to Facebook and Twitter to share their inspiration with friends. Get App: Pro | Free


penultimate ipad appOnce artists have a focused vision, PenUltimate is the next step in the digital creative process. Similar to a sketchbook, artists can scribble down ideas in their own handwriting and make sketches. The digital Paper Shop allows users to buy upgraded digital paper for templates. At $1.99, this app saves both space and money compared to real sketchbooks. Get App

Sketchbook Pro

sketchbook pro ipadWired magazine named Sketchbook Pro one of the top five must-have apps, and with its seemingly endless digital tools, it’s easy to see why. For $7.99, artists can take their inspired doodles and create detailed drawings and designs. Sketchbook Pro contains 60 brush presets, multi-touch interface and tons of other design tools to take sketching to the next level. Users can download extra tools for extra cash, but the initial presets are a great start. [Get App: Pro | Free]


inspire pro ipad appTaking digital painting to the next level for only $7.99, InspirePro is ranked the third best paid app in the United States. This easy-to-use app gives artists five different brushes to choose from (including round, flat and fanned) to elevate their art to the next level. Artists can vary the weight of their stroke by applying more or less pressure as they blend digital paints. Get App


ifontmaker app for ipadDesigners will appreciate iFontMaker, an app that allows users to create their own font in only a few minutes. For $6.99, artists choose from ten different preset fonts and use tools to alter and personalize each letter. The finalized font can be saved as a TIFF and used on other design software to add a personalized touch to posters, websites and other type-based art. Get App

Aspiring artists and seasoned professionals alike will appreciate the versatility and quality of these artistic iPad apps.