5 Must Have iPad 2 Apps for Court Reporters!


ipad apps for court reportersCourt reporters take notes during trials, depositions, settlement meetings and other legal procedures. To train for the job, they must graduate from court reporting colleges. Reporters must transcribe the events of these procedures word-for-word. Technology makes this job easier. It’s common nowadays to see court reporters carrying iPhones or iPads to help them do their jobs. If you’re a court reporter who has an iPad 2, there are several applications you need to download to do your best work.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a must-have app for any court reporter. This app transcribes anything you speak into it into written text. You can take notes the old fashioned way and simply transcribe them using this application if you wish. You can even give the application instructions so that it types your material using correct grammar or syntax. For example if you want to capitalize somebody’s name, you use the command “cap” or “caps on.” You can say, “The witness caps John caps Smith…” or “The witness caps on John Smith caps off…” to instruct your iPad 2 as to how to transcribe your text. You can also tell the app to add commas, periods and other punctuation marks. You can also try using this app to capture everyone’s speech as people are talking, but this is not the best way to use the app, as voices may not be clear and the app might mistake speech for punctuation instructions. Download Dragon Dictation


Evernote allows you to take your notes right on your iPad 2 so that all of your notes will be in one place. Evernote’s latest version allows you to use rich text formatting such as bold or italic text so that you can highlight important parts of your notes or make your notes look more professional before emailing them to attorneys. In addition to formatting your text, you can also make bulleted lists or create headers. You might want to type your notes using plain text while in court and then format them later when you have more time. Download Evernote


If you enjoy combining the ease of using your iPad 2 with traditional stenography, Penultimate is the app for you. Penultimate allows you to use a stylus to handwrite notes into your iPad 2. This may help you have an easier time keeping up with everything that’s going in a case, especially if you don’t have access to a keyboard port for your iPad 2 and have to type everything using the touchscreen. Write your notes directly onto the iPad 2 screen using your stylus. Later, you can type or transcribe them using a different application. Download Penultimate

QuickOffice Pro

If you’re used to using Microsoft Word to type your court reports, you don’t have to bring your laptop to court anymore once you install the QuickOffice Pro app. QuickOffice Pro integrates Microsoft Word with your iPad 2; you’ll be able to type your notes directly into Word. In addition, you’ll be able to use the iPad 2’s scrolling abilities to scroll your Microsoft Word documents. This makes it much easier for you to type your notes, as you won’t have to do it twice or transfer notes from one machine to another. Download Quickoffice Pro HD


Dropbox is the standard filing-sharing app for the iPad 2. You’ll need this app so that you can easily share your notes with attorneys and others who need to see them. Save your notes to Dropbox and legal professionals on the same Internet network who have the app can access them. If you edit your notes after you save them, Dropbox automatically updates the file so that those people with access to it can always see the latest version of your notes. Download Dropbox