5 Fantastic Home Improvement Apps for iPad

home improvement apps for ipadHome improvement is rarely done while sitting at a computer or curled up in your favorite lazy chair by the fire. That’s where home improvement apps come in, and you have everything in your hands when you have an iPad. Whether you’re staring at your pool, trying to come up with some unique pool cover ideas before winter sets in, or staring at the shelf of your local home improvement store, these apps offer some pretty cool tools to help you out.

#5. iHandy Carpenter

This app costs $1.99, but it turns your phone into a carpenter’s level. How clever is that? So, if you want to build yourself a durable wooden cover for your pool, you’re set.


  • bubble leveler
  • plumb bob
  • protractor (up to 180 degrees)
  • ruler
  • surface leveler
  • (in)clinometer

Rating: 4.5 stars (current version) Get App

#4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration at the palm of your hand, this app is definitely for you. It offers over 1.5 million gorgeous, high resolution photos for home design ideas. You can save pictures of covers you like and show contractors what you’re looking for.


  • virtual idea book
  • search, save and share options
  • online community
  • access to local designers and contractors

Rating: 5 starts (all versions, including current) Get App

#3. My Measures & Dimensions

This app is a DIY fanatic’s dream. No more indecipherable notes or sketches. With this app, you just take picture of the pool, deck, and all its non-removable attachments, and then record any necessary measurements or angles.


  • organization folders
  • share as PDF, images or project
  • syncs with many cloud programs
  • email or print options
  • allows for fractions

Rating: 4.5 stars (all versions, including current) Get App

#2. Real Tools

Depending on your pool, you may find it helpful to locate studs and wiring before you add on any cover device. The magnometer including with this app assists with just that by showing magnetic fields in 3D.

This app doesn’t have the highest rating, but the reviews point to which device is being utilized rather than the app itself. All-in-all, the product developers claim that the tools you get with this $1.99 app equate to $1,200 worth of hardware.


  • 100+ functions
  • 60+ measurements
  • 50+ controls
  • 200+ applications
  • 18 tools (including magnometer, flashlight, compass and scale)

Rating: 3.5 (current version) Get App

#1. Pinterest

The best part about this app might be that it’s totally free. It doesn’t turn your iPhone into a plumb bob, but it does allow you to access millions of DIY tips, tricks, and inspirational photos. If you only have a vague idea of the pool cover you’re wanting, this is a great resource to gather and focus your thoughts into a doable design.


  • over 10 million users to pull inspiration
  • organizational boards
  • syncs easily
  • pin with your own camera

Rating: 4.7 stars (current version) Get App

There are a lot of home improvement apps out there, and it can be almost intimidating shuffling through them all. However, with these Top 5 apps, you’ll be well on your way to starting and finishing your project in no time.

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