Will an iPad Mini Be Good Business for Apple?

ipad miniRumors have been going around that a smaller version of the iPad will be available even before you decide to exchange cash for iPad. If we are to believe Apple fanatics, an iPad mini is set to be available before the year ends. Design drawings and pictures of engineering samples have popped up in the blogosphere, making this item one of the most talked about, if not the most talked about item in the tech world for the past few weeks.

This mini iPad is said to be almost the same size as that of the 7-inch Samsung tablet or the Kindle Fire. You can easily brush this rumor off saying it does not come from a very reliable source, but with Google releasing a 7-inch tablet in partnership with Asus, the release of the iPad mini is not a far-fetched idea after all.

A lot of people would tell you that Apple would not release a smaller version of their most popular product to date. For one, its deceased founder, Steve Jobs, was known to not believe in this kind of product. Jobs was a vocal antagonist of any small iPad plan, saying that there was no market for it. However, things can change especially now that he is no longer around to control things and a more pragmatic Tim Cook is at the helm.

Despite Jobs always being right, the current tablet PC market may show that he was incorrect in the case of small tablet PCs. Apple cannot deny the fact that there is, after all, a market for smaller sized tablet PCs. Samsung has been a popular brand when it comes to similar sized tablet PCs and has made a killing with its smaller tablet, despite being pricier than other similar tablets. Kindle Fire did very well when it was released last year. Amazon is banking on this by fanning rumors that a second, more powerful version of the Fire will be released very soon. Google even partnered with Asus to develop the Nexus 7, which is said to be a very strong contender for the position of the iPad on top of the market. Based on the initial sales figures since the Nexus 7 was released a little more than a week ago, business for the mini tablet of Google has been very good. Maybe some Apple loyalist may have even given the Nexus 7 a try. Could people willing to sell iPad in exchange for a Nexus 7 be that impossible?

Apple should not be afraid to gamble now and tackle this market segment, as the company is aware of the success of the other brands that ventured into this segment. It would not be wise for Apple to let go of such an opportunity now that they have the people hooked into their products. Anyway, the iPod is still not that big, so a 7-inch tablet can still fit Appleā€™s line of products. With this rumor, you would surely see a lot of people planning to exchange cash for iPad to get a mini iPad.