What are some good new apps for iPad?

new ipad appsOne of the big draws of owning an iPad is the Apps which you can download so effortlessly onto your phones or tablets. Some Apps are frivolous and fun whereas others are educational and serious – some are a bit of both.

Musical tuition via fun simple development has become a feature of the modern age. With games like Guitar Hero and Sing Star people have become accustomed with basic musical concepts and terminology which can later be applied to the real thing. A good example of musical education via the world of Apps is Tiny Piano where you can play a range of popular songs as well as learning some basic scales.

The Tiny Piano App arrives in very simple form with a list of songs and a tiny piano on your screen on which to play them.  Coloured prompts appear every time you need to hit a key and you can either play for fun or make or concerted effort to get to grips with the technicalities of what you’re playing. The Piano sounds like a genuine keyboard with a nice rich depth of sound when you make chords and the free play option is particularly appealing to those who want to use the Tiny Piano App as a foundation for musical tuition.  Whether you’re playing on a grand piano or a virtual tiny piano, the theory’s the same.

Similar Apps come in the forms of Magic Piano and John Cage Piano. The Magic Piano App may be good for developing musicality, dexterity and rhythm as it doesn’t feature a real keyboard – just balls which you must hit in a synchronised way to make chords and single notes. John Cage Piano is an App tribute to the American composer who would place objects between the piano strings in order to make a range of experimental sounds – a fascinating study in the dynamics of making music.

For those who prefer to play games instead, the Simpsons: Tapped Out and Tap Paradise Cove are two of the most popular app based games on the market right now.

What are some good new apps for iPad?