Top 5 Most Interesting Things About iPad Mini

ipad miniWho isn’t excited about the upcoming release of Apple’s new revolutionary tablet? Finding out about Apple’s creation of the new iPad mini is enough to send anyone into a state of awe. The promises of this new technologically advanced tablet have kept Apple fans on the edge of their seats impatiently waiting to get the power-packed tablet in the palms of their hands. article highlights five most interesting things about the iPad Mini:

  • Price

Finally, there’s an Apple product that we can afford to pay full price for without agreeing to a long-term commitment to a cell phone provider. Those who haven’t been able to afford the new iPhone or iPad won’t be discouraged by the price of the iPad mini. Speculations about price of the iPad mini typically range from $249-$299. Consumers will no longer have to settle for unknown brands or inferior products with this type of competitive pricing.

  • Size

The size of the iPad mini is perfect. It’s not nearly as small as the iPhone which may be easily lost or just too small for some to adjust to, but it is large enough to get the job done without going overboard. Reports indicate that the iPad mini may have a 7 to 8 inch screen with 330 pixels per inch. The size is perfect for people who want a tablet that’s not bulky and still want to enjoy an impressive display.

  • Operating System

The new IOS 6 operating system may be one of the most exciting parts of the iPad mini. Current Apple users have been desperately anticipating the chance to being able to use the upcoming operating system. Apple confirmed that IOS 6 has a lot more features including an improved bilingual Siri, vector based maps, Facebook integrations, passbook, cellular facetime, callback reminders, better browsing experiences, and a more updated interface for composing or sending mail.

  • Physical Perks

It’s okay to judge a tablet by its cover. After all, physical appearance is just as important as what is on the inside. Despite Apple’s secrecy, sources speculate that the smaller size isn’t the only notable physical feature about the iPad mini. There may also be an antenna cut-out at the top of the tablet, smaller dock connector, and a SIM-card slot. The tablet may also be very thin and light.

  • Rumors

Rumors are always fun, but we will still have to wait to know the truth. One of the biggest rumors is the possible Retina Display. If this true, this little tablet will be able to present really sharp images when being used for gaming, texting, snapping photos, or surfing the web. Want more gossip? A larger speaker for improved sound is hearsay that Apple fans are undoubtedly curious about. Unfortunately, Apple fanatics and upcoming enthusiast will have to wait until October to truly experience everything the iPad mini has to offer. Until then, it’s fun to think about all of the exciting features that Apple will present in its much awaited creation of a smaller tablet.ipad mini 2012