Top 5 iPad Apps For Pilots

ipad apps fr pilotsIn today’s world flying is much different than it was 20 years ago. With advances in technology, many pilots are now utilizing technology like iPads to assist them. There are many great applications that are specifically geared towards pilots.

1. LogTen Pro Pilot Logbook

Go ahead and take a look at your paper logbook. We’re way past that, you can do much better than that. The LogTen Pro Pilot Logbook is a great way to put away the old paper logbook. When you add a flight in the app, you can add a ton of different information from preset databases that have different airports and different planes. With the app you can even create custom databases of different things like names of crew, different aircraft ID’s and certificates. This makes it so you have to write into the log less and you can just select from a lit of entries you’ve previously put in. With the app you can even export the data into Google Earth. This app can most definitely completely replace your old paper logbook. For those of you who aren’t yet pilots, these are apps you want to pick up to have. Get App

2. ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts

ForeFlight is another great application for the iPad. It is one of the most used applications for flight planning use by pilots. Everything involved in planning your flight can be done with this application, it is truly designed for professionals in mind. This app is also compatible with any apple device. Get App

3. AeroWeather Pro

One of the most important parts of being a pilot is knowing the weather conditions at wherever you are flying to. With this app, you can get information on the runway conditions, the current wind speeds, visibility and plenty more information. Using this app, you’ll be sure to know all the weather conditions you need to be prepared. Get App

4. Air Navigation Pro

This app is of very high quality. In a nutshell, it emulates most of the instruments you’d find in a cockpit. Having these tools to help you, you’ll be ready no matter where you’re going. Get App

5. FAA Airplane Flying Handbook HD

Many pilots don’t want to carry around tons of books with them. So the last thing they may think of is having an FAA handbook handy. With this app, you can have a copy of the handbook that is found on the FAA site. It covers all the emergency procedures that a pilot should know. It’s a cheap app that every pilot should have. Get App