Top 5 Internet Safety Apps for iPad to Help Kids Become Cyber Smart


child internet safety ipadUnlike a few generations back when computers are deemed a luxury in a typical household, it has become somewhat of a necessity these days. Along with Internet connection and a handful of other high-tech gadgets, kids grow up in a really tech-savvy environment. This equates to toddlers tapping their little fingers over the screen of the iPad, or really young kids expertly playing with virtual toys and video games. This is not necessarily a bad thing because the earlier children get exposed to technology, the earlier they will be adept at it.

However, the downside is that not all parents know how to keep kids safe when they are online. More than just preventing spam, phishing and password theft, it is your role as a parent to make sure that your kids know how to behave safely when they are online. The first step that parents usually take is to set parental controls on the computers that they have at home. To take things one step further, there are iPad apps that you can download to teach your kids how to behave safely while they are online.

Top 5 Internet Safety Apps for the iPad

There are online games, YouTube clips and websites which will help teach your kids to be Internet savvy. But if your main purpose is to teach them how to become cyber smart or behave properly when online, here are the iPad apps that you can download:


Developed by: Web Wise Kids, Inc.

BeSeen is a free mobile app which takes the form of an Internet safety game. Through it, your kid can engage in a one-player game which replicates the environment in a social networking site. A profile is created and a condensed year is mimicked. Your kid can earn rewards by making positive choices when presented with challenging social situations. By giving children a scenario through the iPad app which they can possibly face in real life, they would know how to behave accordingly. With the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you would not want your kids interacting online with unsavory characters, so this is a must-have app to teach them about Internet safety.

Professor Garfield: Cyberbullying

Developed by: Paws Incorporated

Using Garfield as the main character, this app helps kids learn what cyberbullying is all about. Laying out a kid-friendly scenario, Garfield has to turn into his super-smart alter ego called Professor G so that he and his friend Dr. Nova can get to the bottom of the cyber attack. Aside from understanding where cyberbullying stems from, the app also helps kids know what the different forms of cyberbullying are, and how important it is to seek the help of a trusted adult when faced with such a situation.

Professor Garfield: Online Safety

Developed by: Paws Incorporated

Another useful app from Paws Incorporated is “Professor Garfield: Online Safety”. This app teaches kids how to not give out their personal information to the strangers who they meet online. It also helps kids understand that predators are always present when they are online; and that Internet users are not always who they say they are or who they appear to be.

Professor Garfield: Fact or Opinion?

Developed by: Paws Incorporated

Okay, this may not necessarily be about teaching kids how to stay safe while online – but the app is an effective way to help them recognize which websites should be trusted with facts, and which ones contain opinions. This is especially useful for older kids who need to learn that not every data that they will gather from the Internet are plain facts from trusted sources.

Safe Eyes Mobile

Developed by:

Finally, there’s the award-winning SafeEyes Mobile app which helps keep the online environment safe for your kids. The app replaces Safari with a browser which can block inappropriate content for kids – starting from adult sites to social networking sites like Facebook if you, as a parent, deem it to be inappropriate considering your kid’s age.