The best iPad stands for different uses around the Home

best ipad standsSince the inception of the iPad sales have soared and the device has become an essential part of many people’s daily lives. With such emphasis placed on one device, it is important for it to be comfortable to use and be able to use it just about everywhere, where, whether that be out and about or different areas of the home. But can one stand or device meet every need or is it better to have different types of holders for different areas of the home? Today we explore some of the different types of stands you could use in different areas of the home.

Perhaps you’d like to watch a movie while you’re busy in the kitchen or follow an instructional cooking video. The electrostand gives you incredible control along with hands-free functionality and allows the iPad to swivel, rotate and tilt whilst charging the device. The non-skid base makes it ideal for kitchen use or even placed on your night stand next to the bed. Having your iPad standing comfortably allows for better face time when chatting on Skype and it is also a good, steady stand for gaming enthusiasts who enjoy racing or flight simulators.

You might also want to have a stand for the bedroom. This could be for reading books, playing games, catching up with friends on your social accounts or simply watching a movie.

A special iPadstand for the bedroom makes life that little bit easier with the awkward spaces and means you can relax that little bit more while in bed. Lap stands are perfect for the bedroom and come in a number of forms. A stand with a pillow bottom can double as both a lap stand in bed and for all type of seated situations. It’s great for reclining in aeroplane seats, lazing on a sun lounger and even sitting in the passenger seat of a car. The cushioned bottom means the stand will be stable on uneven surfaces like duvets and pillows and the adjustable caddy can be moved into the best viewing angle so that you are comfortable and there is no glare on the screen. The mount can hold the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode making it even easier to use.

The living area is generally a hive of activity and you will want to enjoy your iPad for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, reading books or surfing the internet and there are a variety of stands that will make this easy. A JOBY GorillaMobile Yogi is extremely versatile and features bendable legs that can wrap around your own leg comfortably. It’s great for attaching to other stable objects to snap perfect pictures and it adapts brilliantly to uneven surfaces.

iPadstands not only hold your gadget stylishly but they double as stands that sit steadily on most surfaces making your hands-free experience a pleasure. They come in all sorts of colours and materials making sure your iPad and you look trendy. A loudspeaker docking station is great for listening to music and allows for multiple viewing angles if you’re watching videos. So as you can see people use their iPad for different things in different rooms and one stand is unlikely to fit all the requirements. So why not try a new stand.