“Teaching with the iPad How-To”: Unleash your creativity with iPad [Get Free Ebook Copy]


teaching with the ipad how-toLooking to get maximum out of your iPad. Well here’s an eBook that will help you to get that. Its the “Teaching with iPad How-to” by the Packt publishing. Its a creative systematic guide which lets individuals in breaking the monotonous pattern of traditional teaching, while adding a bit of fun.

Teaching with the iPad How-To would be very helpful in various activities, such as planning everyday lessons on the iPad, creating and publishing interactive books, teaching resources and a lot more. The book also have topics on teaching students with special needs in the most effective manner.

This systematic step-by-step guide would let readers to get maximum out of their iPads. It’s a must have eBook for any school or college teacher who are willing to make their profession all the more fun and easy for themselves. Check out more details about the eBook at the end of this post.

Normally the eBook would cost you $4.24 and is available at the Pack publishing site here. But the great thing is that you don’t need to buy this book, because we can provide you for free. In order to get this book for free you need to do the following simple steps:

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Some of the essential topics covered in this book are:

  • Planning your lessons (Must know)
  • Keeping your notes (Must know)
  • Creating presentations and charts (Must know)
  • Carrying your textbooks (Must know)
  • Recording attendance and student profiles (Must know)
  • Making quick references (Must know)
  • Using projectors and interacting (Must know)
  • Connecting with your subject (Must know)
  • Creating and managing timetables (Must know)
  • Interactive books for kids (Should know)
  • Educating students with special needs (Should know)
  • Teaching art, craft, and practical skills (Should know)
  • Teaching music on iPad (Advanced)
  • Teaching using 3D resources (Advanced)
  • Publishing your learning material (Advanced)
  • Learning iPad tips and tricks (Advanced)
  • iTunes U (Advanced)