Taking Advantage of the New iPad’s Retina Display

ipad retina displayApple successfully launched its newest version of the iPad just a few months ago during its keynote address with the media and a million other loyal Apple followers all over the world. It was greeted with much anticipation because of the new features that were added to it. They even called it the “New iPad” and not iPad 3 as everyone expected because according to Apple, the new features make it an entirely new iPad far from the older version of it.

The one feature that a lot of people see that makes the new iPad worth buying by selling iPad  is the Retina Display. The new screen is worth all the money that you spend in buying this new gadget. It is a far cry from the old display you have with the iPad 2. Placing the old iPad and the new iPad side by side will make you see that there is clearly a difference between the two units.

The new iPad’s Retina Display makes the colors seem look like the pictures are popping out of the screen. The naked eye will have a hard time identifying the individual pixels making everything on the screen look seamless. This is possible because of the 2048 x 1536 screen resolution, giving you more pixels per square inch at 264 ppi. This is actually four times more than the iPad 2 making it a real upgrade if you are going to be technical about the whole thing. Watching your favorite videos will be more enjoyable too because of the improved resolution. The crisp and clear colors will give the videos an almost lifelike feel. So if you are still thinking of selling iPad , now is the time to do so and upgrade to the new iPad.

However, there is also the other side of the coin that must be addressed. One of the concerns with the Retina Display on the new iPad is that applications that can take advantage of this feature are yet to be developed. There are very few applications now that are Retina-Display ready. Developers should work double time in order to make the applications ready for this feature and take full advantage of it.

Another concern is that if we all want the applications to take advantage of the Retina Display, this will mean that developers would have to make a version that is heavy on the graphics. The sizes of these apps will surely double or even triple. Given the space limitations of the iPad, this will surely raise some concerns.

However, the pros still weigh out the cons when it comes to the discussion of the Retina Display on the iPad. It is still worth it to sell your iPad and buy the new one with a bigger storage. At least, you will be ready for when the files of applications and videos may increase because of the Retina Display. Of course, you can always choose to ignore the cons and just bank on the pros.