Simple iPad Mini Internet Security Tips Everyone Should Follow


ipad mini internet securityWith its small stature and laundry-list of features, it is easy to forget the internet security risks which threaten iPad Mini users. While iOS 6 includes a variety of built-in security features, it is still the user’s responsibility to follow safe browsing practices. Fortunately, there are a handful of simple iPad Mini internet security tips everyone can implement.

Use Browser Instead of Apps Whenever Possible

One of the easiest ways to enhance internet security when using the iPad Mini is to use the Safari browser instead of apps whenever possible. The Safari internet browser adds numerous internet security features automatically. On the other hand, apps rarely provide additional internet security features. There will always be situations where using an app is easier, but that doesn’t inherently make it safer.

Don’t Jailbreak

Jailbreaking has become popular among iPad Mini users who want to utilize apps which require OS access to operate. Other iPad Mini user’s jailbreak the device simply gain more control over core functionality. While there are benefits to jailbreaking, there are also serious ramifications. Jailbreaking allows malicious apps to easily bypass all of the internet security features built into the iPad Mini operating system. To make matters worse, jailbreaking also makes it easier for malicious apps to automatically establish an internet connection with the app’s developer. The hacker then gains access sensitive information or use the iPad Mini as a zombie device.

Only Download Approved Apps from the App Store

Over the years, Apple has established a strong track record of policing the App Store. There have been very few instances where an infected app has made its way to the public via the Apple App Store. The same cannot be said for independent 3rd party app stores. While this is more an issue for the Android marketplace, the potential for exploitation is the same. Some 3rd party app stores do their best to ensure all of the apps are safe to use, but it isn’t a guarantee. This is only an issue for users with jailbroken phones. Non-jailbroken phones can only install apps from the official Apple App Store.

Pay Attention to Free Wi-Fi Networks

As with all mobile devices, it is vital to pay attention to the Wi-Fi networks being used to access the internet. A disproportionately large number of public Wi-Fi networks provide no security for users. Plus, the iPad Mini automatically tries to connect to Wi-Fi networks once the initial connection is established. If an unsecured or malicious Wi-Fi network was previously used, the iPad Mini could automatically re-establish a connection to it.

Use a VPN

Nothing provides greater protection for iPad Mini users connecting to public Wi-Fi networks than a VPN. There are a variety of easy to use iPad VPN services which allow users to easily encrypt all of their data.

There are many techniques iPad Mini users can take advantage of to minimize internet security risks. Many of the most effective strategies are also the easiest to use. Common sense practices go a long way to maximizing internet security.