Sci- Fi Game Play of Space Settlers on iPad

space settlers on ipadOverview:

Since it was first released in Apple App Store in the past year, Space Settlers attracted thousands of iPhone iPad game players’ eyes and gained the good reputation as the most addicting game with  impeccable graphics and extraordinary visual feast.  It is a real-time strategy game that is available for free downloads in iTunes App Store. If you like Sci-Fi game and multiplayer Mecha combat, Space Settlers is absolutely worthy for your choice.

The game play background is set in 2012, Scientist Hawking proved that the most powerful energy source – The Dark Energy Crystal existed in the universe in the form of crystal. Since the expeditionary force first carried the dark energy crystal from ancient relic to earth, we human being begun the space settling to expand the planetary resources.

How to Play Space Settlers on iPad:

The developer Digiarty has thought-out made it easy to play. With the tutorial in details, we at the first time to play Space Settlers can know how to complete all the tasks. At the very beginning, all the tasks are must to be done, such as building factories, studying techs, upgrading buildings, so that we can successfully get started to play the game.  (For the first time to join in the game, you should first create an account.)

Generally, we can divide Space Settlers into two parts: set up the base building and seize other planets’ recourses with your partners. When you start fighting in the Space Settlers, the mecha chariots is the necessary weapon that is used to battle. You need to drive your chariots, launch attacks and occupy plants in person. In the multiplayer strategy game, you can also work with your partner in the Legion war to make contribution to your legion and get resource rewards. All the things you do are to make you more powerful.

Key features of Space Settlers:

1. 25 types of mecha chariots free for your mecha refitting.

2. Over 100 accessories are provided to create your unique macha chariots.

3. You can build your own Legion with your friends for the team-up advanced fort fighting.

4. You can give resource and material to friends as gifts, or send mecha and accessories to them effortlessly.

5. The optimized chat system make sure your chat with your team conveniently.

6. The smartest player who make a contribution to the legion can get resource rewards.

7. Though Space Settlers is a online game, you can also allowed to get offline upgrade the base construction.

For more details about Space Settlers, please visit the official webpage:

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