Run Multiple iPhone Apps Side by Side on your iPad [Jailbreak Tweak] [UPDATED: Tweak Named “Polyonix” + New Screenshot]

multiple apps running side by side on ipadI’ve no word to describe this, but one thing for sure this is totally awesome jailbreak tweak. Aaron Ash, a guy who’s working on hacking iOS, has managed to hack multiple iPhone apps to run side by side on iPad. Ash recent blog shows that he’s wasted a lot of time to get this hack ready, but this is not the final release yet, it’s just a proof of concept, but he says he’ll polish it up and most likely to release it in the next few months.

Here’s what he said about this hack:

Yes, and it actually works! I’ve wasted plenty of time already playing 2 games of Angry Birds at the same time. (I actually was playing 3 for a while, but it crashed when I tried to add a 4th). There are a few bugs, such as audio not working, and accelerometer events not getting sent to applications; it may take a while to sort these out. The bottom right button turns on “edit mode” which allows you to rearrange applications, and rotate them (Angry Birds normally runs in landscape, here they’re turned). I’m debating on if I should go for the typical desktop feel or make it more SpringBoard-like and keep apps in preset locations. I probably won’t have time to really polish this up and release for a few months, but I’ll keep hacking away at it and possibly post updates every now and then. Performance is actually pretty good, definitely useable.

Ash said he managed to play 3 games at once but when he tried to add the 4th, it got crashed. But he has some bugs to remove before he could release it to the public, probably it will take few months. Also Ash plans to attend jailbreak meetup in New York on Saturday, July 10th; he says he’ll give it to few people to try it there if they wanted to give it a try… I really liked it and I’m waiting for it to come!

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Update: 1 – I’ve found out that this tweak is named “Polyonix“, most of you might also wanted to know this. Check out another screenshot of Plyonix showing Facebook, Puzzle and Angry Birds Apps running  side by side on iPad.

polyonix jailbreak tweak runs 3 ipad apps side by sideStay Tuned for more updates!

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