New iPhone 6. Does it Make Sense?


New iPhone 6s

It seems like just about every other week a new piece of technology is released, from just about all of the major cell phone companies. Apple is at the top of the list and there is no question that the majority of people that use Apple products will run out to the store, even waiting in line for lengthy periods of time, just to get their hands on the brand new iPhone 6 and it’s new features. However, a great deal of people are wondering to themselves whether getting the new phone is actually worth it. In reality, the new devices that are being released do not have too many things that are brand new, in comparison to the past models that are already out there.

So should you upgrade?

While it is true that there are new designs, new pieces of technology that are integrated into each mobile device, and that it is considered the hip thing to do to get the brand new iPhone, the overall price is starting to get a bit high for a cell phone. In the past, most of the new iPhone’s that came out would hover somewhere around five hundred dollars, which most people thought was a lot of money in the first place. However, the new iPhone 6’s go well above that are are posted at six hundred and fifty dollars, which has made a great deal of people raise an eyebrow. Nearly two thirds of a thousand dollars is a great deal of money to spend on a device that is going to become outdated in a year or so anyway and in reality, the capabilities are virtually the same. The new iPhone 6 is looks slightly bigger  than the older models, which seems to be a trend with Apple products, as they are also making the new iPads bigger as well.

Apple also claims that the features that are on the iPhone 6 far surpass that of the older models, and we confirm that, although the majority of people simply use their cell phone to surf the internet, play games, use applications, make phone calls and text. All of these things can be done on each and every one of the older models, so it has become a highly debated topic among a lot of people as to whether it is worth it to shell out the great deal of money that is required to get your hands on the new iPhone 6. When it comes down to it, it really is a personal preference. If you are one of those people that loves having the newest of the new models of technology, then you are probably going to be satisfied with putting up the money for a new phone. These people likely already have an iPhone 5 and can probably trade their phones in or sell them to get a great deal off of the newer models anyway, so in this respect it can be very worth it for these people.

Which camp are you in?

Additionally, if you prefer a bigger screen, you may want to go ahead and get the iPhone 6s, but in all reality, the majority of people are probably better off keeping their older model iPhone’s. The truth is that they are slightly more advanced, but the increase in technology is not enough to rush out to the store, wait in line and get a new device, all while causing a major blow to your pockets. If Apple had come out with a brand new model that had some amazing new type of technology that has not been seen before in passed iPhone’s, it would probably be worth it, but in this case it is looking like the better idea to skip buying one.

Let me know in the comments below. Are the new features enough to get you to upgrade? Or are you one of those people who really couldn’t care less about the small updates it gets every year?

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