New iPad 3 Retina Display GUI PSD Available for Developers [Download]

ipad retina psdAre you planning to develop applications specifically for the iPad 3 Retina Display? This surely will help you, because TeehanLax has made a Photoshop CS6 PSD of the new iPad’s Retina Display GUI for the designers to help them create their applications.

We’re really proud to be releasing our latest version today. It’s based on iOS 5.1 and includes hundreds of retina assets available natively on the platform. In addition to the GUI assets, you’ll find perfectly scaled ‘New’ iPads to help you create the apps we’ll come to love in the future.

The file has been created in the Adobe’s latest PhotoShop CS6 release, which is currently in beta. But it is available for free download at this time. So you should give a try, if you want to make something like this of your own.

You can download the PSD from the original source here…

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