MechTab – The Smart App for Engineers by Samuel Werder AG

mechtab appEngineers typically make hundreds of calculations each week and each with a varying degree of complexity. While the complexity of these can vary the need for complete accuracy doesn’t. But in truth checking each calculation can take time and asking others to re-check your sums can be frustrating. This is partly why Swiss based engineering company Samuel Werder AG has today decided to launch its own engineering reference app.

The app is designed to perform quick calculations in relation to tasks such as drilling, turning and milling while also providing a quick reference for things such as ISO tolerances. All very useful if you are an engineer and managing director Claude Werder had this to say of the new app “The application provides many features and tools suited to mechanical work and our aim is make enough profit to subsequently provide the app for free to engineers and mechanics”.

Launched last month, the app is available on iPhone, Android and Windows based phones and can be ordered from the retrospective app stores online. The app is available now free of charge and has recently been upgraded for iPhone 5 support. Like most modern apps MechTab features a modern interface design and is extremely intuitive. Using it couldn’t be easier and is a must for any budding or professional engineer.

The advantages of such an app are clear. A minor miscalculation can be the difference between the success and failure of a project. You only have to look to the press to see a number of high profile examples of this. There are also other indirect benefits of such an app. For example engineers no longer need to keep checking with one another for assurances on a calculation. The app becomes a secondary source for engineers and initial feedback has been very positive.

Of course this could be one of many apps engineers could use on a daily basis. Mobile devices have become central to many job roles and technology will undoubtedly continue to drive innovation within the industry. Samuel Werder AG aims to be at the forefront of this technological revolution has a number of other interesting in the pipeline. So for your engineering calculation needs why not head on over to the app store and download MechTab today.mechtab iphone appmechtab itunes