Making Reading More Fun With the iPad

reading books on ipadThe iPad has changed the way we do things.  This nifty gadget has paved the way for the acceptance of mobile computing in today’s world. Of course, everyone wants to be connected not just to our families but to everyone in our social media networks. However, we do not want to be stuck at home or at the office accessing our desktop computers. That is why the iPad has become so popular because it was able to address this need for us to remain connected while being mobile. You should look for those who are willing to sell iPad 2 to get a lower priced unit.

Even the way we read has changed because of the iPad. Whereas before, we flocked to the nearest bookstore to buy the latest best-selling book on the New York Times list, nowadays, we just go to a virtual store online and make our purchases right in the comfort of our own homes. We just download the electronic file of the book and voila, it is stored into our iPads for future reading. No hassle of going out because everything now is done with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger on the screen. I would sell my iPad 2 to you so you could see for yourself.

There are several apps for reading that we can consider for our iPads. Of course, the first one is iBooks, which was developed by Apple for the iPad. Since this app is considered to be the primary e-book reader developed for the iPad, it has put the Retina Display of the iPad to good use.  It can give you the “real like” experience just as you would feel when reading the actual book. You can personalize the font size, light background, and even the manner in which the pages of the book are displayed. You can also organize your downloaded books and PDF files into your personal library depending on how you want it.

Another app for reading books is the Amazon Kindle for iPad. It is one of the most popular e-readers in the App Store. It does have its own e-reader hardware, called the Kindle. However, Amazon has decided not to limit itself and made it available to other devices. You can download the app for free but you would have to purchase the books that you want to download. Now, the Kindle is the most versatile among the e-reader apps as it can support almost all formats, even PDFs.

The Nook is another application that you can download if you want to utilize your iPad as an e-book reader. This e-book app is under the Barnes and Noble brand.  You can also directly purchase from the Barnes and Noble site and download it straight to your iPad. This app allows you to sync your files across different devices and looking up words is easy. It also allows different formats including PDFs. Its only drawback would be that it is hard to change to your desired preferences like brightness level, font size, etc.

With the many options that you have now, you do not have to think about how to sell used iPad and change it to another e-book reader. You can just try out the many e-reader applications in the App Store to see which one of them suits you.