Battle Of The Mini Tablet Market: Is The iPad Mini The Best Option?

ipad miniThe ongoing battle of tablet computers has just been taken to the next level with the recent influx of into the market of mini tablet computers. The range of tablet computers available today in general can make it quite an intimidating space to navigate for less tech-savvy consumers.

Do you really need an iPad? What are the benefits of the iPad Mini? Why should you get a Mini over the iPad2? There are many questions that must trouble your brain when you mull over spending your bonus on something nifty and useful. Though just how useful it must be is best determined before you fork out for it.

So, before you Google ‘sell iPad’ to get rid of your old tablet, we advise that you read this article first to ensure you’re making the right decision to get the new iPad Mini.

What are the differences between the iPad Mini and a normal iPad?

The most obvious difference, of course, is its size. However, Apple maintained before its launch that the iPad wasn’t just a shrunken-down iPad, but was designed as a different beast entirely.

For its price, it definitely stands out from its competitors, like the Amazon Kindle HD, which is far cheaper. It has a reassuring weighty feel, but is not too heavy, and its general design is very sleek and smooth, like most Apple products.

In terms of main differences from the iPad, it’s small enough to slip into bags of all kinds, and because of the smaller screen size, allows for more private browsing and content use. Overall, it’s a far more flexible and comfortable experience than its predecessors, and you’d be well advised to start Googling ‘sell my things’ if you’re thinking of saving up for one.

What sets it apart from other mini tablets?

For performance, there aren’t really that many discernible differences. They all use different processors, but one would be hard-pressed to list out the individual differences in processing power.

With battery life, although the differences are slight, tests have shown that the iPad Mini beats the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire by packing in at least an hour more of use.

It’s not very easy to compare these mini tablets’ interfaces. Whereas Android allows for far better multitasking, Apple’s iOS easily has the fastest and most uncomplicated multimedia syncing.

The Kindle Fire will also inundate users with Amazon adverts, which costs $15 to get rid of, something iPad Mini users won’t have to worry about.

The app showdown

When comparing tablets in terms of apps, Apple still boasts the widest range and availability, with over 275,000 apps in their store.

While Google does have an increasing amount of apps in their store, Apple still wins on the availability and quality of apps that create content.