The new iPhone 6S Features – Will you be upgrading?


iPhone 6S Features

There are many things that have been confirmed with the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus that will be announced next week on September 9th. Let’s go over some of the biggest and most important features and see if those will be enough to get you to upgrade.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Features

Force Touch

There have been several rumors that say this new one could potentially have the new force touch technology inside it. They have already included this tech inside of the apple watch and some of the new macbook pros.

This tech will let the screen be able to tell the difference in pressure when you tap the screen. It will be able to tell if you lightly press it or if you are pushing down with much more pressure. The amount of different options this is going to open up could potentially be amazing if they are used correctly. Lightly tapping something could do one thing, while pressing down harder would make it do something different.


The battery life is already amazing in the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus. In these new ones it is rumored that the batteries could actually be just a shade smaller than they used to be. The iPhone 6 has a 1800 mAh battery while the new one is suppose to have a 1715 mAh. However, with all of the improvements that is going to come with the new operating system on iOS9 we should get the same battery life overall.

Camera Improvements

It is rumored that this could be the biggest update to the camera system on the new iPhones than ever before. If these two become true then that will absolutely be the case and I can’t wait.

The rear camera is said to jump from an 8-megapixel camera to a 12-megapixel camera. If this really does happen, that will be the biggest increase that the rear camera has ever gotten at one time. So many people out there are using this as their main shooter so this would make a lot of people very happy.

The front facing camera is said to be making a huge leap as well. The current one is a 1.2-megapixel and it’s rumored to jump up to an amazing 5-megapixel camera. That is a huge increase and will be very welcomed from the selfie crowd.


It has pretty much already been confirmed that the Ram will also get an increase as well. The last couple of iPhones have been running on 1GB of ram. This has been sufficient for a long time for many users. However, for some power users an upgrade in Ram has been long awaited so hopefully apps and safari do not have reload as often when you come back to an app after coming from another one. They have confirmed that this model will have twice as much ram at 2GB.

Improved structure & Durability

One of the biggest flaws which everyone saw was how the iPhones could bend if you put enough pressure in just the right places as you can see in the video below.

This year they took the time to add more zinc to the new iPhones and change the structure on the inside a little bit to better support the bending issue. So hopefully, we will not be hearing about “bend gate” again this year.

Of course the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will also be sporting the new A9 chip as well as iOS9. So are any of these features something that will get you to upgrade to the latest and greatest model this year? If so which feature are you looking forward to the most? And if not, which featured would you have needed to convince you to upgrade?