iPad Mini News And Rumors


ipad miniThe rumor of a 7 inch (or a slightly bigger) iPad or an iPad mini was there even before the release of the first iPad. Apple was in fact considering the possibility of a 7 inch tablet along with the highly successful 9.7” iPad. It however hasn’t seen the sunshine even in the next three years as the feasibility of a 7 inch was seriously doubted by the company.

However rumors are again surfacing up recently as some of the tech gurus have predicted a possible launch of the iPad mini alongside the much waited MacBook Pro 2012 during the WWDC 2012. Let us go through some of the rumors circulating around and analyze the chances of an iPad mini to be launched in the market any time soon.

iPad Mini features

If at all the iPad Mini is a reality, then some of the features it may have are-

1. Smaller Screen

The iPad Mini will have a smaller 7.85” inch screen. This will also make it lighter by a great amount as compared to the regular iPads.ipad mini display

2. Display

The iPad mini may sport the same resolution as the iPads at 1,024 x 768.

3. Price

The iPad mini may be priced around $200-250 as it will target the low cost market.

4. Other Features

It is expected that most of the other features will be the same as iPad with the slight exception that they will be made for a smaller screen.

Why iPad Mini Can Be A Reality?

1. Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Amazon has bitten off a large chunk of Apple’s iPad sales since it came up with a smaller and much cheaper tablet- the Kindle Fire. Apple may try to regain the lost lands by bringing up a cheaper and smaller iPad, which is the rumored iPad mini.

2. Portable iPad

iPad with its 9.7” screen lacks certain amount of portability as- it cannot fit into a purse! A 7 inch iPad can be a better choice in such a situation.

3. Variety

Apple iPad doesn’t have much option in terms of choice. A 7 inch iPad will at least provide some variety for a change.

Why iPad Mini Will Still Remain A Myth?

1. Application Development

One area where Apple is superior to Android tablet is that all the applications developed for Apple have been optimally designed for its 9.7 inch screen and hence provides one of the best user experiences. Andoid on the other hand has to take into consideration the plethora of screen sizes and hence cannot match with Apple on the front.

2. Neither A Tablet Nor A Smartphone

Steve Jobs has already stated that the 7 inch tablet is too big for the smartphone segment and too small for the tablet segment and cannot provide the great user experience a 9.7” iPad provides.

3. Apple Lays Its Own Terms

Launching a product with some minor changes just for competing against a company is just not the types of Apple. Rather Apple comes up with new ideas and new products and there are chances of something different 7 inch product than a 7 inch iPad.