iPad 2’s New Hologram Settings uses Floating Multi-touch Holographic Display for Photos, Apps and Games

iPad 2 new hologram settings for showing apps, gamesAfter all we have the new iPad 2, but what I’m going to post here is the new iPad’s cool feature which is the iPad 2 Hologram setting that Apple has put in their new device. FinalCutKing guys have posted a video showing the iPad 2’s holographic display for Photos, apps and other things. You can’t imagine using facebook, apps or playing Angry Birds Rio from a floating multi-touch holographic display.

Wait this is not the one you’ll have in your new iPad 2 because this is just awesome video editing with the help of tools like PFTrack, Motion 4, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects. But for having a holographic display like the one in the video you’ll have to wait probably for iPad 3 or later but certainly this opens new ground for Apple to push into their new iPad versions in the near future. Check out the video below…