iPad 2 Jailbreak included in JaiPhone’s Jailbreaking and Unlocking Suite [download Now] [UPDATE x 2]

ipad 2 jailbreak finally arrived at JaiPhoneLooking for an iPad 2 jailbreak, here’s a solution for that. Earlier I told you that Jaiphone will soon add iPad 2 jailbreak in their jailbreaking suite, here’s a good news that iPad 2 jailbreak has added in Jaiphone jailbreaking and unlocking suite. So now you’ll be able to jailbreak your iPad 2. Although I have not tried it yet but atleast now we have some solution for the iPad 2 to run third party apps and games onour devices. We know that JaiPhone already had the jailbreak and unlock solution for iPhone 4, 3gs, 3g, iod touch 3g, 4g, Apple TV, iPad and now the much needed iPad 2. So atlast we’ve have one that have got passed GeoHot and Chronic Dev Team in the jailbreaking of iPad 2 and after we might we might get an end for iPad 2 jailbreak fight between GeoHot team and Chronic Dev team.

When you download jaiPhone you get quality instant support and software that will let you unlock or jailbreak devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Tv, iPod Touch and some others.


Once you download the suite here, you’ll get the following:

-Professional 7/24 Support (special for iPad 2 users)

-Application to unlock and Jailbreak every Apple device

-Premium Membership to access hundreds of applications, jailbreaks, unlocks and many more.

-Use this code IPAD2JBAPRIL when downloading for a special surprise.

Update 2nd:

13th May, 2011.

JaiPhone has sent me another email confirming that they have sent the false email last week with the headline that iPad 2 jailbreak included into Jaiphone,  they clarified that the original title was supposed to be “iPad 2 jailbreak will be integrated soon“. They have also fired the responsible person who caused this misunderstanding. Also check out the iPad 2 jailbreak clarification by JaiPhone full story…

Update 1st:

10th May, 2011.

Some of our visitors reported that the JaiPhone’s iPad 2 jailbreak is FAKE… so i thought to have i try at it and i found it the same. I have wasted my 20 bucks too and i don’t want you to waste yours… I don’t recommend it all, or unless try it at your own risk!