How To Use the Photo Booth on Your iPad


how to use photo booth on ipadPhoto Booth is a great new application that comes with all iPad models running the iOS 6 operating system. Photo Booth can be used to add a wide variety of different interesting, fun and wacky effects to the images that you capture with the iPad’s built-in front or rear facing cameras. By taking a few minutes to really get used to the way Photo Booth looks and operates, you can clearly see the practically limitless amount of potential that this little application actually has.

Step 1

Tap the Photo Booth icon on your new iPad to launch the application on screen. The Photo Booth icon features the image of a red curtain covering a wooden chair, mimicking the appearance of a real photo booth.

Step 2

Get a feel for the main Photo Booth application window by looking at each of the nine boxes on screen. Each box represents a different filter that you can add to your image. The nine available filters include “Thermal Camera,” “Mirror,” “X-Ray,” “Kaleidoscope,” “Normal,” “Light Tunnel,” “Squeeze,” “Twirl” and “Stretch.” Each box will be displaying the image currently being captured by your iPad’s front facing camera, which will give you an accurate indication of what each filter looks like while in use.

Select a particular filter to use by tapping on the box one time. The other eight boxes will disappear and the box you have selected will expand to take up the entirety of your iPad’s screen.

Step 3

To change the Photo Booth application to use the rear facing camera on your iPad, tap the “Switch” button in the lower right corner of the screen. The image on screen will rotate and the rear facing camera will now be in use. The filter you previously selected will also be present over top of the image on screen.

Step 4

Capture an image using the Photo Booth application by tapping once on the “Camera” icon at the bottom of the screen. The Photo Booth application will save the image in the form of a thumbnail on the bottom portion of your screen. As you take additional images, new thumbnails will appear in this location. You can tap on the “X” button near a thumbnail to delete an image or export a selected image to the “Photos” application on your iPad device.

Note that some filters can be adjusted using your finger. For example, you can adjust the location of the “Light Tunnel” filter by tapping on a new area of your image with your finger.

Step 5

Return to the previous “Filters” window by tapping once on the “Filter” button in the lower left corner of the screen. The nine filter boxes will appear on your iPad screen. You can choose to capture an image using a different filter or exit the application depending on your current preferences.