How to conserve your iPad battery?

ipad batteryWhen you get your expensive iPad in your hands, the first idea will come to your mind is how to save your iPad battery and prolong its life. The international organizations are encouraging people to go green and save more energy for the environment. We can also apply this concept through following simple tips to maximize iPad battery life.

Bluetooth always connects to other devices like computers, keyboards, and speakers etc. Make sure to turn off your Bluetooth after you send and share your files with others. Always turn off your Wi-Fi, 3G when you at breaks time, sleeping, and doing other activities. This will conserve your battery more than you expect.

If you don’t want to look for locations and places, so turn off your locations services or minimize the applications that you allow to access your location. This option consumes a lot from your battery. Remember to manage auto brightness option day and night. The brighter screen is, the more energy consumed from iPad’s battery, so lower the brightness or setting it to auto bright that is adjusted automatically according to the light in the room.

Lock your iPad when you are practicing sports, relaxing and doing other activities. Just go to the settings, use auto lock option, and set the time for locking your iPad to the shortest time. You always use your iPod for several activities like reading books or listening to music. These kinds of activities don’t need to access the internet, so turn on the Air plane mode to save the battery life.

IPad was made to work in different temperatures, but it is favorable to keep it at room temperatures to maintain the battery life. Never charge your iPad within its case. As this will increase the released temperature of the device and consume the battery life. Make sure to calibrate your iPad battery each month. It is preferable to get your battery completely finished, and then recharge it again.

Of course, it is logic to turn off auto check fewer emails and check your email every four and five hours instead of every minute. This will save more power for your battery. Make sure to update your iPad with the latest software to have better performance for your battery.

Choosing the proper iPad covers to protect the battery from any scratches or cracks that would affect its performance negatively. Always purchase iPad covers from a reputable brand and that go with your daily activities. Check the customers’ reviews and their comments about the various iPad covers, so you can buy the perfect cover for your iPad.

In conclusion, there are number of ways to extend battery life and minimize power consumption for your iPad. Remember to reduce the number of charge or discharge cycles of your battery and this will saves more of its original capacity.