Could the iPad Revolutionise Your Company’s POS Strategy?

ipad posPay by Card

There are plenty of apps out there on the market these days that give you the ability to accept credit card transactions via your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Depending on which app you decide to use, the software will be slightly different, however they all work in a similar way. The makers of the app will send you a credit card reader which will plug into the headphone jack of your iPad or smartphone. Customers can then enter their card details on the tablet and even give their signature if required. You will have to pay the company who made the software between 2 and 4% of each transaction depending on which app you decide to go with.

Options for Everyone

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sole trader or you run a company with a great deal more employees, there will be an app out their tailored to your business needs. Whilst some credit card payment apps are aimed at small businesses, where you may only be using a single tablet for card payments, others are designed specifically for use by larger companies, where the same account can be used on over 50 iPads to secure electronic payment from customers. The choice of POS applications available means you’re certain to find one that suits your business plan, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about taking advantage of these services.

Industry Specific Apps

If there wasn’t already enough choice in POS apps for you, software developers are beginning to refine their apps to cater for the needs of clients in specific business sectors. One sector that’s received a lot of attention from app designers is the restaurant industry. If you own a restaurant, you should look into the way that these apps can now revolutionise the way that you conduct your POS dealings. Using an iPad, you can now display digital menus, give your customers the option to remote-order from the comfort of their own tables as well as most importantly, pay with an app specially tailored to the catering industry, with the capability to add tips and split the bill between multiple cards.

Portable Convenience

Especially if you’re running a small business, using iPads or other tablet devices for your POS system offers you the flexibility and portability that could be very important to your efforts. If your company deals in plumbing for example, when one of your plumbers has completed a job for a client, he simply has to hand the tablet over to the customer to pay. The client is able to scroll through and view all charges easily, meaning there can be no confusion over billing. This improves your customer service and increases the efficiency of your POS system as a result.

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