Book Your Holiday, On The Go, On Your iPad

ipad holidaysIf you so desire, you can book your whole holiday, down to the very last detail, on the go. Literally – on the way to the airport if you wanted. Using Apps on my iPad I booked my whole trip. Some people like to have everything organized six months before checking in, but where’s the fun in that? Live a little, leave everything to the last minute and get everything sorted on your iPad.


During lunch on one particularly long Friday in the office, I booked flights using Skyscanner’s App from the office canteen. I got a great bargain, as it hunts across all the major airlines to find the best deal, also, because this was very much on a whim, I was flexible with dates and could save myself quite a bit. A few taps and a scroll or two and I was well on my way to going abroad.

The next iPad App which somewhat saved my life was from, a popular hotel booking platform where you can search countless hotels, from simple to swanky. As I sat on the train, with other commuters engrossed in their novels, I was comparing prices, dates and reviews. By the time I got home I was well on my way to excited, so much so, I even started to pack. There are also one or two packing Apps that can turn your iPad into a super strict, sergeant major for holidays, telling you exactly what you should and shouldn’t take abroad.


Of course, if money is a concern, Hostelbookers has an epic selection of cheap beds across the world. From your iPad you can find yourself a cheap and cheerful hostel. Their App is also really useful if one turns out to be a disaster, just like the hostels from horror films. Using their Wi-Fi, if it works, you can leave a damning review and book another night somewhere else.

Viator Tours & Activities

Enough about hostel prices and hotel rates, I’m jetting abroad to experience a bit of culture. Whilst waiting in departures I decided to do a bit of searching about what is cool and not so cool in my destination of choice. So that I can go back to work and be the envy of all my colleagues with my knowledge of war memorials and galleries, my iPad has now turned into my very own tour guide. The Viator App lets you book tours and excursions right from your gadget for almost anywhere in the world. I decided this was a much better use of my time than reading the in flight material.

Google Maps

I’m now officially on holiday. Considering how last minute this had become, it’s no surprise that en-route to the hotel, I wound up completely lost. Never fear, all you need is some wireless internet, preferably free, and good old Google maps. The App is perfect to get you back on track no matter where you are in the world. From my location to the hotel I’d booked, it really wasn’t far.

Travel Pod

I’m really enjoying my holiday, no matter how last minute it might have been, what’s more, is I want everyone I know to know how much of a great time I’m having. My final App for the perfect holiday is perfect for the iPad. Travel Pod is an online diary great for filling with tales of exotic adventures and images from around the world, sent straight from the iPad and directly onto all of my friends’ news feeds.

When traveling with your iPad there are plenty of hazards you can run into that could lead to your precious device being damaged….