Awesome Skins for the iPad

ipad skinsIf you have an iPad and you want to personalize it, then you may want to look into getting a skin for your iPad. Skins, also known as decals, are an artistic alternative to cases. Unlike the bulky and often times boring cases and even more boring mono colored covers for your iPad, skins come in a huge variety of colorful and creative designs. There are so many variations of skins available that you should have no problem finding something that will suit your personality and lifestyle. They even have skins that express your musical, artistic and film predilections. From black and white to full color, these vinyl stickers will have your iPad dressed to impress. Here are a few of the coolest skins that I have run across:

Classic Cartoons: Who does not love a great classic cartoon? We all have our favorites. From old-school comic strips to more modern adult cartoons, these iPad skins will have you laughing every time you look at them. There is even something for the superhero and anime fans out there! Personally, I love the hyper-realistic cartoons that are all the rage. They look awesome and I love the pop of color they add!

skins for ipadskins ipadnew ipad skinsbest ipad skinbest skins ipadipad skins newskins for ipadNerd Humor: I have to admit it, I am a bit of a nerd. I love humor that makes you think, and these iPad skins do just that. When you have to look at the image twice to really get the whole picture, you know it is a good joke. So, whether you love science, math, word games or just have a twisted sense of humor, you are sure to fall in love with one of these iPad decals!ipad skins 2012

ipad skinipad skin 2012ipad skinNostalgic: Classic books or classic games, these skins will have you remembering your childhood every time you look at them.ipad skins

skins ipadMusical: Everyone loves music! Whether you go for the classics or more modern, iPad skins have a selection for for ipad

skin ipad newArtistic: I’m all for arts. Some of these designs can be a bit odd, and others are very beautiful. Personally, I like nature themed art, like trees, flowers and animals. However there are many types of art from graffiti with political leanings to surrealistic monsters. Whether you want a pop of color, simple black and white, or a bold splash of red, these skins are sure to tickle your fancy.skins for ipad

skins for ipadipad new skinskins ipadThese are just a few of the skins and decals available for the iPad. There are so many to choose from that it is almost impossible for me to show you all my favorites. If you want more strange or bizarre skins, they are out there also. I particularly love the zombie Snow White decal! It is very creepy and well done. No matter what your tastes run towards, if you look online you are virtually guaranteed to find a skin or decal that will match your tastes and personality. From the beautiful to the eclectic to the nostalgic, iPad fans are a diverse group and that diversity is reflected in the wide variety of skin applications available.