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How to delete individual iMessages or Texts in iOS 8


One of the major changes in iMessage is the way that you delete individual text messages. In the past you would have to hit the edit button on the top right hand side. This would then allow you to select the messages you wanted to delete. That process has now changed so we thought we would create a tutorial on how to do it now with the new system.

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How to Use Dictation on Your iPad


Dictation on your iPad

Siri is absolutely amazing. However, there are many times when using Siri just doesn’t quite cut it. For those times there is an amazing feature called Dictation. In this post we are going to go thru some of the ways you can use Dictation to it’s fullest. So if you have been wondering just how to use Dictation then this will be the perfect article for you. I know that the more I use it, the more I fall in love with this amazing feature.

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6 iPad Apps Any Car Enthusiast Will Want To Get Their Hands On

ipad apps for carsAnyone who owns a car and an iPad will probably want to know about some of the great apps out there, so I’ve tried to show them a mixture of the best ones. [Read More]

5 iPad Apps That Will Turn Your Tablet Into An Office On The Road

ipad apps for officeMost people who run an online business will eventually want to break away from the office, so I’ve talked about some iPad apps they will need if they want to work from the road. [Read More]

5 Auto Apps You Should Have In Your Pocket When You’re Near Your Car

ipad auto appsI bet you always have your phone in your pocket no matter where you go. That means there is a good chance you have it whenever you’re in the car, which is great because we’re going to look at some apps anyone with a vehicle will want to own. [Read More]

6 iPad Travel Apps That Will Help You Organize Your Trip From Start To Finish

ipad travel appsI’ve mentioned a few great travel apps people need to start using if they want to keep on top of everything.

Before you travel anywhere it’s always nice to know everything is already taken care of. You have an iPad so it’s important to know about the apps that will help you organize everything. Let’s look at some of the great ones you need to test for yourself [Read More]

Get All the News Of the Yet To Be Released iPad 5

ipad 5 imageThe iPad 5 has not been released yet but there is a buzz all over already. People are excited to see what Apple has in store for them. Apple iPads have always been man’s best friend since their birth. Be it reading a book, cellular activities or those pertaining to a computer, the iPad has answers to all human requirements and conditions. [Read More]

Top Uses for iPads Around the Home

top uses for ipadiPads are tablets for which one of the main appeals is simply how convenient and easy to use they are. Compared to a full PC, these are incredibly light and will fit easily into a bag without adding too much weight or taking up too much space [Read More]

Keep Your Home Organized With 6 Amazing iPad apps

home organizations apps for ipadIf people want a little help organizing their home I’ve talked about a few iPad apps that can help them.

If you’re not organized it can stress you out and your life always suffers. That is why it’s always a good idea to be as organized as possible. These days you’re pretty lucky because you have an iPad to help you out [Read More]