Apple Starts Testing TSMC’s Next Generation A6 Chips for iPad 3!

ipad 3 A6 processor chip imageApple which have been relying mostly on Samsung for its next-gen A6 chip, has now seemed to be turning away from them. Earlier we’ve seen a lot of Taiwan based companies getting orders for the iPad 3 components, continuing with this trend, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has got green signal from Apple and they’ve started trial production of A6 chips which is supposed to be used in the next-gen iPad 3.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), the world’s largest semiconductor foundry by market shares now, has allegedly started trial production of the A6 processor in cooperation with Apple Inc., with the production design to be taped out in the first quarter of next year and scheduled to be publicly unveiled in the second quarter at the earliest, according to industry sources.

TSMC is currently the world’s largest semiconductor producing company by market share, and now they are mainly focusing on the ARM-based A6 processor, which ofcourse will get them big orders for the iPad 3 if they pass this trial production. According to the sources, TSMC can handle the production for Apple even right at this time, whereas they were only producing for their main customers like Nvidia and Qualcomm. Being the world’s largest semiconductor company, TSMC has huge chances to work with Apple on producing A6 chips for their upcoming iPad 3.

Do you think TSMC will be able to get orders for A6 chips?

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