8 Best iPad Apps for Mountain Climbing!

ipad apps for climbingThe all new iPad is the newest hot gadget nowadays. It is part of the lineup of tablet computers and it falls between laptop computers and smartphones. With an iPad you can browse the internet, provided that there is internet connection, send and receive messages via email, create slideshows, watch videos, share photos, listen to music and much more. Aside from that, you can also download apps.

The following are mountain climbing apps that you can download to your iPad:

1. Climbing Away

This is an app which allows you to view places around the world and it keeps you updated in the climber’s community. It also allows you to get data on where to climb, as well as guide books. Get App

2. The Climbing App

This is a personal climbing logbook as well as a route database. It allows you to add GPS markers, new areas, routes, climbing records, open projects, attach photos and much more. It also allows you to view the best places to get your gear, such as Backcountry which has Backcountry coupon that you can use.

3. Climbing Guide Lite

It provides the newest workouts. This is a good app for both experts and beginners. It has endurance and power workouts. You can also log climbing workouts in order to view the progress that you are making. Get App

4. Climbing Buddy

For the seasoned climber, or beginner, you can use this app that will help you as you go about your climbing experience. It allows you to browse and learn climbing technology, provides quizzes to check your knowledge, bookmarks, search, and the ability to connect to social media website like Facebook. Get App

5. Climbing Knots

When you are planning to engage into mountain climbing, one of the basic skills that you need to know is how to make a variety of knots. Knot tying is an important skill in mountain climbing. With this app you are given follow easy instructions for tying a variety of knots, bends, hitches and loops that are to be used when climbing. Get App

6. Climbing Weather

When you engage into this outdoor activity, you need stay aware of the weather. Through this app, you can be updated to the forecast throughout the areas that you are planning to be in. Get App

7. Climbing Grades

This app shows the grades for a variety of climbs. It allows you to check the experience required of the climber depending on the difficulty of the tour. This will also allow you to view how you are doing. Get App

8. Climb It

This app allows you to be able to work offline and yet be able to access it even without the use of WIFI or internet signal. It is also packed with guidebook and maps for the right climbing areas. You can also search all the routes quickly with ease. It also allows you to bookmark for quick access and share it with your social media sites or via email.