5 iPad Apps That Will Turn Your Tablet Into An Office On The Road

ipad apps for officeMost people who run an online business will eventually want to break away from the office, so let’s talk about some iPad apps you will need if you want to work from the road.

If you run your own online business you don’t always need to be tied to the same desk every day. Even though your chair is really comfortable there are some out there that will blow it out of the water. Instead of looking at the same view when you stare out the window you can look at something new every day. When you drop the kids off at school you can retreat to the coffee shop for a few hours. You could go away for the weekend and do your work from the road.

All of that is possible because you have an iPad. It’s capable of a whole lot more than you give it credit for, but at the moment your tablet probably isn’t ready. If you want to run your business from an iPad you will need to make sure you have the right apps installed. If you need something I’m sure you could go out and download it, but so you can be prepared we can take a look at some of the main apps you’ll need to make sure you have.


If you wanted to write on a PC you would turn to Microsoft Word, but when you’re working on your iPad you should let Quickoffice take care of all your word processing needs. It’s a simple editing tool and it’s compatibility with online storage apps make it the perfect choice. It is also supported by printing apps in case you need to print out physical copies and it plays well with MS Word when you finally want to work from your main computer.


You shouldn’t go anywhere without Dropbox these days because it could save you a lot of hassle. It might be enjoyable working from a coffee shop, but if someone snatched your iPad you could end up losing hours and hours of precious work. Dropbox is the most popular cloud backup solution in the world and it’s compatible with a huge amount of apps. You even get a free account to test it out in case you want to take it for a spin first. Everyone starts out with 4GB of free storage space. And you can earn a few for GBs by doing small tasks like referring your friends and family.


Even if you are not working at the moment or crunching numbers you can still be brainstorming. Evernote is the premier note-taking app and it will stop you from forgetting something ever again. Once you write something down you can store it away and it will be easy to find. I bet you don’t realize how many great ideas you let slip away without ever thinking about it twice. Now you can do something about it.


If you have a presentation coming up you can create the entire thing on your iPad using the Keynote app. If you ask people who use it they’ll probably tell you they enjoy using it more than PowerPoint on their main computer. You can deliver a stunning presentation with beautiful effects and all the other apps can’t match it. If you’re wondering how it’s possible to give a presentation straight from your iPad you can download another app that lets you use your phone as the remote control.


If you run a particular kind of business there is no getting away from the fact you’ll eventually have to crunch numbers. Apple has created the Numbers app and it’s definitely the best spreadsheet app you’ll find on the iPad. Data entry is nice and easy, plus the keyboard will automatically change depending on the kind of data you’re entering to simplify things even further. It’s also compatible with other apps so you can print and save your documents.

Home away from home

Once you start using your iPad when you’re on the road you will discover a lot more apps that would be nice to have. We’ve just covered some of the basics today so you won’t feel lost when you start working from your lovely new temporary office.