5 Handy iPad Apps For Real Estate Professionals

ipad apps for real estateAre you a realtor or an estate agent? Do you own an iPad? Looking for some nifty tools to make yourself more efficient and productive while you’re out and about on the move? If yes, you have no idea how much of a help your iPad can be to help you deal with your work in a dynamic and organized manner. Here are five noteworthy iPad apps that will make your life easier if you’re a real estate professional.

Trulia Rentals

trulia rentalsLooking for a house or an apartment for rent? Looking for an ideal tool to help you keep up with new listings? If yes, Trulia Rentals is a fantastic app that will take the pain out of finding your next rental, and that too, in no time! Trulia Rentals is an app that works, saving you time and energy. On the basis of your current location, the app will pinpoint current properties for rent in your area. What’s more, for each rental on the list, you will find images, rental information, as well as a contact form if you wish to get additional information. Furthermore, the app also features an amenities finder that displays nearby restaurants, grocery stores, banks, school, gas stations, and so on. This feature comes in particularly handy if you’re looking for a property in an unfamiliar territory. If you are an estate agent, you can use the app to check into homes Get App


dropbox ipad appDropBox is yet another app that can come in extremely handy for realtors and real estate agents. It is an incredible cloud based storage platform that enables users to sync their DropBox accounts on their desktops with all their portable devices. This way, users can save their files in the cloud and then retrieve these files from any of their portable devices. Be it images, documents, presentations, word files, spreadsheets, or even videos, all these can be shared, saved, edited, and retrieved within multiple devices, with the help of DropBox. If you are an estate agent, this app can come in particularly handy if you need to view agreements, reports, contracts, purchase documents and so on, on the go! Get App


realtorRealtor.com is a nifty iPad app that gives users an instant access to a wide range of homes at the swipe of a finger. It is one of the most accurate apps for searching homes for rent and sale. Just swipe the app to see rich and detailed images of properties that interest you. The property listing details also include property tax, sales history, ratings, open house information, pricing and much more. The app even has full-page mapping capabilities such as area highlighter, area scout, nearby homes for sale, foreclosures, recently sold properties, and more. The app supports GPS to search for properties available. If you are into the field of real estate, you can use the app to search and connect with your clients. Get App

Property Evaluator – Real Estate Investment Calculator

Property Evaluator Property Evaluator is easily the most powerful real estate investment analysis software available for iPad users. It is a free app that offers Purchase Analysis, Buy and Hold Strategy after the user enters the information about a particular property. It is an ideal app that comes in useful for real estate agents and investors to quickly analyze potential investment properties with the help of their iPad. Moreover, it is perfect for performing on-site analysis, with the iPad’s large screen being ideal for getting a quick overview of the financial metrics. If you’re an investor, you can use this app to analyze a particular property before buying it, and if you are a real estate agent, you can use the app and email professional analysis and PDF projections to your clients or lenders. Overall, this is a effective and efficient tool to get the bottom line regarding your property investments. Get App

DocuSign Ink

docusign inkIf you are a real estate agent, you’re probably required to put your signature on a lot of documents such as purchase agreements, reports, checks, contracts, and so on. In this aspect, DocuSign is an ingenious app that enables its users to digitally sign and distribute contracts and to keep track of the signature process. The app is also packed with other brilliant account features along with the ability to securely send, track, and sign documents. If that wasn’t enough, the app even has the ability to capture the GPS location at the time of signing – fantastic! Get App