10 iPad Apps Every SEO Should Have

ipad seo appsThinking about getting an iPad? Are you an SEO? If so, the following are 8 apps for the iPad you have to have and use often if you are an SEO or are running an SEO campaign. In no particular order:

1.The Official Chrome App

chrome ipadWhy Google Chrome? Why not just use the default Safari browser built in the iPad? 1 major reason… syncing bookmarks. Google allows you to easily sync your bookmarks between Chrome browsers on different devices allowing you to access all that content you saved on your desktop or laptop. Download

2. Hootsuite App

hootsuite ipad appThe ultimate Social Media application is available for the iPad. Hootsuite allows you to access all those features you already enjoy including but not limited to managing your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ social media accounts.

3. Flipboard App

flipboard ipadThere’s really only one word to describe the Flipboard App… awesome! Expert SEOs use Flipboard as their RSS reader. It syncs with your Google Reader account and provides you with a more visual way of quickly browsing through your RSS subscriptions. Download

4. Swipe App

Need to create Memes on the fly for building links? The Swipe App is literally an app made specifically for creating Memes. And it does a better job at it then any other app on the market. Perfect for that new Meme link building strategy you had plans on starting!

5. The Official WordPress App

wordpress ipadNo, not an app for browsing WordPress blogs. This app was built so you can publish and edit posts on your blog(s) directly from your iPad. Very cool. Need to moderate some comments? No worries… just jump on your iPad real quick and use this app. Download

6. Dropbox App

dropbox ipadI think it’s safe to say that just about everyone in Internet Marketing is using Dropbox these days. Do you blame them? Access all your Dropbox files right from your iPad with their official iPad app. Download

7. The Official Pinterest App

pinterest ipadI’m telling you from personal experience here, there is no better way to browse Pinterest than through an iPad. Their app is flawless and totally enhances the Pinterest experience. This app will turn a non-pinterest user into a Pinterest addict. Download

8. The Official Bing App

bing ipad appSometimes you need to see how your rankings are doing in Bing. The official Bing app makes it super-easy to search through Bing’s various search tools. Download

9. Quick Adsense

Since many SEOs generate their revenue from Google Adsense I had to include this one on the list. There is no official Google Adsense app, just a bunch of 3rd party ones on the market. This one is by far the best. Download

10. Analytics Tiles

analytics tiles for ipadThere also is no official Google Analytics app for the iPad, just a bunch of 3rd party ones. This is the best Google Analytics app you can find in the iPad market right now. Its even “sexier” than GA and allows you to get to important data points quicker. Get App

The iPad does 1 thing really well for SEOs… it saves time! SEOs have so many applications they have to login to every day, sometimes multiple times per day to check for stats, information, emails etc. The iPad is really the perfect device for streamlining your access to all the data you need IF you have the right apps installed. These 10 will help you save time and give you the advantage you need against your competitors.