10 Best Occupational Therapy Apps for iPad!


best occupational therapy apps for ipadThe iPad has found its way into the offices of occupational therapists for patient care. Finding good apps to use on an occupational therapist salary isn’t always easy. Read below for 10 best affordable apps that creative geniuses have put together for those of us in need of a little extra help.


This app encourages the development of fine motor skills. Tasks and games require you to pinch, tab and write with your fingertips. It even offers feedback if you miss your target or write outside of the lines. It may not be disguised as a game, but it is very effective and encourages users with positive verbal reinforcement. Cost: $4.99 – Download Now!

Dots for Tots

Dots for Tots is a cute and simple connect-the-dot game. There is a free version, but a more comprehensive paid version is available. You can also get add-ons for extra. Overall it provides affordable motor skill exercises to the tune of cute music and pleasing visuals. Cost: $0.99. Free | Download Now!

Dot to Dot Number Whiz

Similar to Dots for Tots, this app features a ‘connect the dots’ motif that is completely customizable for each individual user’s needs. You can customize the difficulty level and select the photos that you would like to use. It gives you a place to start with hand-eye coordination and gives feedback that can be customized as well. There is a free version as well as an inexpensive deluxe version. Cost: $1.99. Free | Download Now!

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Sky Burger

The name alone inspires a smile. This arcade game requires visual and fine motor coordination. Users will find themselves working their arms and wrists while working on their burgers. Cost:  Free – Download Now!

My Underwear

This hilariously-titled app is similar to an arcade game and elicits laughs while working on your fine motor skills. During gameplay you catch falling underwear and match it by color or pattern. It increases difficulty as you go along to challenge the user, but it never overdoes it. There is also a matching game to help with memory and a creative section where you can paint and design your own underwear. It is pretty inexpensive at $0.99 and is a lot of fun. Download Now!


Help someone work on their letter recognition skills with this helpful letter tracing app. While working on fine motor skills by tracing letters, players also work on their reading and writing skills. Cost: $2.99. Free | Download Now!

Sam Phibian

Who can resist a video game whose main star is a frog? The insect-eating amphibian forces players to work on their hand eye coordination in order to select the insects that the frog so hungrily desires. You can up the difficulty by requiring users to click on insects of a certain type, color and quantity. Cost: Download Now!

Magic Shoes

Those of us that have problems with weak motor skills can benefit from this instructional app. It has videos that help illustrate the steps to more easily tie shoes and give in-depth directions. Cost: $1.99 – Download Now!

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SuperSearch 60

A search and tap game that requires use of several motor skills. Players work on their finger isolation skills and their memory as well. At only $0.99 it is very inexpensive for how effective it is. Free | Download Now!

123 Tracer

A basic number and letter recognition and tracer app with the best price tag out there. Yes, it is free. There is of course a deluxe version. Cost: $1.99.